Why is it so difficult to change one’s set way of doing things when that what you have been doing has worked relatively well up to now?

Someone once said that the only way to convince a person to change their ways is either by applying force, or by penalizing them with fines to effectively cost them money.  Whether that is true or not, without a real driving force it remains incredibly hard for us humans to change behaviour, even if we suspect that it may be good for us.

The concept of carbon reduction or carbon neutrality in construction is often misconstrued and associated with developing a building with some form of organic growth attached to it such as a rooftop garden or greenery growing from the sides.  While this will certainly play a nominal part in encapsulating carbon, the sheer volume of carbon footprint from building materials and the construction process dwarfs the benefit derived from having a more organic ‘green bling’ building appearance than the neighbour.

This has compelled Xtentia to embark on an active drive to become a leader for change and leverage our responsibility to design with carbon reduction in mind, something we refer to as the X-Carbon method.  An added benefit of this approach is that carbon reduction often goes hand in hand with material cost reduction.  The X-Carbon method pro-actively works to incorporate the following process: