Structural Investigations


Xtentia is frequently requested by clients to carry out structural investigations on existing buildings, followed by a report and recommendations on observations.  The structural investigations typically include the following:

  • Investigations to determine the suitability of existing structures to carry additional loadings, for example installation of PV panels on top of roof structures or the construction of additional floors on existing buildings.
  • Investigations to establish structural damage such as cracks, excessive deflections, or other structural concerns.
  • Investigations to determine the feasibility for alterations and additions on existing buildings.
  • Structural due diligence investigations with the acquisition of new assets.
  • Investigations following structural damage sustained on buildings, for instance fire or storm damage.
  • Structural damage due to deterioration.
  • Periodic 6-month and annual structural building inspections as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations 2014, Clause 11, Part 2.